Sandpiper At Scarborough Marsh In Maine

This is perhaps the first decent photograph that I ever took of a bird – any bird. It was taken 30+ years ago form a canoe in Scarborough Marsh, Maine. My wife Cheryl and I were canoeing in the marsh, and I had my film camera with me with a 100mm macro lens on it. The mud flats were right next to the river which dropped off dramatically from the flats. This little sandpiper was a few feet from meRead more

Thursday’s Snow Storm

Thursday’s snow storm didn’t produce as much snow in Phillipston as predicted, but Friday morning it was beautiful here at the farm. I was planning on getting up early and go off shooting, but I stepped out the door and realized that there were some fine photo opportunities right at home – something I don’t think enough about. Try it yourself – look around your home and neighborhood and I’ll bet you will find some great photo ops right inRead more